How do I install a printer?

Information for staff/research students with administrator accounts and users connecting the laptops to the network.

  1. Install UNIX printing tools for Windows (optional networking component)
  2. Click on Add Printer in the Printers section of Windows Settings or the Control Panel
  3. Add the printer as a Local Printer
  4. Create a new LPR port:

    • The print server is printhost
    • The queue name is the same as the name of the printer

  5. If the wizard doesn't progress to the driver selection menu, select the LPR port and click Next
  6. Select the printer driver.
  7. Provide an appropriate name for the printer
  8. Do not share the printer
  9. Set as default if you wish to make this printer your default printer

Printer Settings

After installing a new printer, the printer settings should be adjusted if the printer has optional features installed. Details of the Windows printer settings can be found by following the links in the list of School printers

  1. Right click on the printer and select Properties from the popup menu
  2. Printer settings are modified from the Device Settings tab
  3. Default printing options (paper size, duplex, etc...) are set from the Printing Preferences (Windows XP/2000) popup menu item
  4. Note:- If the system locale is set to UK, the default paper size will be A4. If the locale is set to the installation default (US) then the default paper size will be letter and will need to be changed.