Why does it take a long time to login/out?

When you login, Windows copies your profile (stored on a separate profile server to the PC's hard drive. Windows uses the local copy of your profile while you are at the machine and copies it back when you logout.

Your Windows profile is different to your disk quota given to you on the fileserver. Your profile is set by domain wide policy and cannot be increased by the support team.

The time taken to copy your profile between the server and the workstation obviously depends on the size of your profile. By limiting the size of your profile, you can significantly speed up the time taken for login/out.

During the Windows login process, you may receive messages relating to your Windows profile and/or the login process may take a very long time. If this happens consisitently then you should come to the support office to have your profile reset.

Some suggestions for reducing the size of your profile are listed below:

  • Don't store anything on your desktop other than shortcuts
  • Use a plain background for your desktop and not a large image file