Which filesystems can I access through Windows?

The table below describes the shares that are accessible through server socs-srv.cs.bham.ac.uk/dfs

Share Description Unix Equivalent
Admin Staff Admin Documents /home/admin/
Apps Windows Software Packages  
Common Misc. Documents /bham/common/
Library Library Catalogue /bham/common/doc/School-Library/
Others "Others" Home Directories /home/others/
PG Research Student Home Directories /home/pg/
Research Research Data /home/research/
Scratch Staff Scratch Area /home/scratch-staff/
Scratch-PG PG Scratch Area /home/scratch-pg/
Scratch-UG Student Scratch Area /home/scratch-ug/
Special Research Data /home/special/
Staff Staff Home Directories /home/staff/
Telemat Telematics Data /home/telematics/
ug Undergraduate Home Directories /home/ug/