Windows Profiles

What is the Windows Profile

Your Windows profile is (more or less) the collection of things that reside under your %USERPROFILE% directory - things like the various application settings that you have defined when you have used an application. Windows profiles are s tored on their own server and are not related to your disk quota on the filesyst em.

Your Windows profle is transferred from the profle server to your client pc w hen you login. When you logout your profile is copied back to the server. This m eans that any changes you have made to your application settings etc. are record ed and help to ensure that whatever Windows pc you use, your desktop and applica tions are consistent.

Profile storage space exceeded?

Windows enforces a limit on the amount of profile storage space available. If the limit is exceeded a warning box will be displayed and you will be unable to log off. The limit cannot be increased because log in / log out times would bec ome excessive.

In order to free up profile space you need to match up the information from the profile warning message to files on your disk so that you can delete files. If you double click on the warning message it will give you a list of the files that are using up your profile space. Essentially, they match to to the hidden "AppData" (Windows 7) / "Application Data" (XP) folder

Windows 7 -

Windows XP -
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\

You'll need to enable folder options so that you can view hidden files

Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Show Hidden files and folders

If you are still having issues or are concerned about this process, contact support and we can take a look or offer further advice.