Linux software via the "module" command

We run an 'Enterprise' Version of Linux for reasons of stability and maintenance. This means that installed packages are not usually 'cutting' edge. In most cases we cannot simply upgrade the packages using a package manager due to dependencies and other issues. Instead we use 'module' to make updated packages available to users.

If you open a terminal and type module avail you should be presented with a list of programs and versions that are available via this system.

To load and therefore get access to these programs you would type module load PROGRAMNAME. By default the latest version of a program would be loaded this way.

If you want to load a specific version of a program you would type module load PROGRAMNAME/1.2.3

There are also a number of libraries (libmpc,gmp etc.) that are available under /bham/pd/packages/EL6/x86_64

More information about 'Modules' is available from