Java Setup Files

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Under UNIX/Linux setup commands are usually placed in a user's .login file and make all the libraries and software needed to run a particular product available to the user.

The complete list of available setup commands is as follows, a command that is labelled as deprecated exists as a link to old versions of software and should be abandoned in favour of later releases:

Development Kits

    setup java/JDK
  • Sets up the default version of the java development kit. Currently this is the Standard Edition 1.4.1.
  • setup java/JDK131 (deprecated)
  • Sets up the java development kit version 1.3.1
  • setup java/J2EE
  • Sets up the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Extensions, incorporating the following APIs:
    Java Activation Framework (JAF)
    Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
    Java Messaging Service (JMS)
    Servlet API
    SAX and DOM XML parsers

Standard Extensions

    setup java/Mail
  • Sets up JavaMail (version 1.3).
  • setup java/JAI
  • Sets up Java Advanced Imaging.
  • setup java/JMF
  • Sets up Java Media Framework.

    Note: Java 3D requires no additional setup as it is installed in the JDK system CLASSPATH.

XML parsing

    setup java/Xerces
  • Adds xerces2 xml parsing classes to your CLASSPATH
  • setup java/JDOM
  • Sets up JDOM API for manipulating XML; adds the JDOM classes to your CLASSPATH.
  • setup java/Saxon
  • Adds the SAXON XSLT Processor classes to your CLASSPATH.
  • setup java/Fop
  • Sets up Java Formatting Objects Processor, type "fop" to run.

Package Setup Files

    setup java/BlueJ
  • Sets up the Bluej java interactive environment; type "bluej" to run.
  • setup java/Ant
  • Sets up Apache Ant java-based build tool; type "ant" to run.
  • setup java/Log4j
  • Sets up Jakarta Log4j API for logging statments; adds the Log4j classes to your CLASSPATH.
  • setup java/JUnit
  • Sets up JUnit API for testing; adds JUnit classes to your CLASSPATH.
  • setup java/Antlr
  • Sets up Antlr translator generator; adds Antlr classes to your CLASSPATH.

Windows setup

Under Windows there is no equivalent .login file that is executed when you log in. Consequently, you have to run the setup commands every time. Also the environment will only be set up for the current command window. You need to run the commands again for every new command window you open. There should be an equivalent setup command on Windows corresponding to most of the commands above.

To run the setup commands in Windows you replace "setup java/whatever" with "J:\setup\java\whatever". For example to setup JDOM on Windows you would type in a command window:


Look in the directory J:\setup\java to see which packages are available.

Note:You do not have to set up JDK or J2EE on Windows as these are installed on all machines by default (JDK also includes Java 3D).