HP 2600DN Series Colour Inkjet Printer

miro is an HP 2600DN inkjet printer configured to print onto A4 and A3 plain paper.

The printer will print on A4 plain paper by default but will print upon any media placed into the manual feed in preference to the plain A4 and A3 paper (loaded in paper Tray 1 and Tray 2, respectively).

The lp options to directly select the print media are:

lp Options Printer Output
media=Tray1 Print A4 paper (from Tray 1)
media=Tray2 Print A3 paper (from Tray 2)
media=ManualFeed Print A4 transparency (from "manual feed")


The -olandscape option may be used to produce landscape output.

To load media into the "manual feed" mechanism: Lift the flap located at the back of the output tray and gently push a (single) sheet into the printer until it stops. Then press the green "resume" button.

To refill the printer with A4 or A3 paper, slide the associated tray forward carefully (since the plastic runners are not particularly robust).

Please DO NOT place transparencies into either media tray nor re-arrange the tray paper guides.