Guest Machine Network Connectivity


Organisations visiting the School of Computer Science may wish to bring their own laptop or desktop computers in order to access the internet or other network resources. This document outlines the restrictions that the School / University network places on such computers and requirements for the guest machine.

The School's support team can provide network access in two ways - either through a guest account on the University's wireless system, or through a wired connection to the School's network.

Any connection to the University's network must use DHCP for both IP address and DNS server information. All machines must have adequate anti-virus protection and have appropriate security patches applied. You may also wish to consider using a personal firewall.

Wireless connection

The School's support team can provide a temporary account on the University's guest wireless network.

Guest access to the University's wireless network is provided via a web-based authentication system. The process is documented at

Please note that:

  • Clients must be configured to use infrastructure mode only.
  • Visitors requiring access to the wireless network must provide contact details in advance.
  • The wireless network uses NAT based systems which may affect connectivity.

Wired connection

To connect to the School's wired network we will require the hardware (MAC) address of your machine's Ethernet card.

The School network is protected by a firewall which has a default drop policy for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

SSH access to external sites is supported.

If visitors require access to specific ports, this information must be provided at least 1 week in advance of the visit, the following information is required:

  • Source port(s)
  • Destination port(s)
  • Protocol - TCP/UDP
  • Destination IP addresses or netblocks
  • Established/related traffic will normally be permitted
  • If inbound connections are required, the source IP address will also be required
  • If other types of traffic are required (e.g. GRE), this must be discussed in advance

Access to web services is only possible via the School's webcache server - software should be configured to use one of the following methods of accessing the webcache:

  • Auto-detect (WPAD discovery)
  • Configuration script (details will be provided on request)
  • Static webcache configuration (details will be provided on request)