File store

All users are provided with allocated space on one of the School's fileservers. You home directory is shared between Linux and Windows systems - under Windows, it appears as your Z: drive and is mapped to "My Documents".

How much file space do I get?
User file space has a quota applied to it. This is to help ensure sufficient space is provided to enable all users to continue to work. Information on the default quotas for users is given in the Disk Usage and Quotas policy.
Help! I'm over my disk quota!
If you go over your quota, you will not be able to save further files. Your Unix account will also be automatically barred if you remain over quota for more than seven days. We have a page on helping you deal with being at or near your quota.
I accidentally deleted a file!
You have backed up your work haven't you? We generally reccomend that users keep their own backups of work. We do take system backups, however these are intended for disaster recovery purposes and it can take a while for us to retrieve data for you. Our most recent file-server uses SnapShot technology which effectively gives an online backup of files. Note that the life-span of these is quite short, but you may be able to retreive files yourself.
What is this .snapshot / ~snapshot directory?
The snapshot directory is a special read-only part of the filesystem which mirrors the status of your directories. The snapshots are essentialy a point-in-time representation of the filesystem and are provided to enable you to recover deleted files more quickly. The snapshots are taken periodically. It doesn't count towards your disk quota, and you can't delete it. Snapshotting is only available on some of our file-servers. More infomation on snapshots is available.
How do I connect from an Apple Mac?
The prefered path of \\\dfs\SHARE does not work with OS X. Shares must be accessed directly from their server and not via DFS.
From the Finder use the command-K shortcut, then enter the connection details as follows:
To connect to staff share on jaffle smb://socs-ad;USERNAME@
To connect to projects share on bigstore smb://socs-ad;USERNAME@
How do I access my files from home?
First connect to the VPN and then under Windows connect to e.g.
When connecting (to the following share) you may need to prefix your username with the School's domain name i.e.\USERNAME
Where can I store temporary data?
/home/scratch-staff, /home/scratch-pg and /home/scratch-ug are available for use. This space is not quotad per user - its shared space which is finite. The data in these directories is not backed up, nor are snapshots performed on them. It should not be relied upon and may be deleted at any time.
What other file-systems are available?
/home/projects is intended for currently active research projects (it effectively replaces the old /home/research and /home special). Users requesting space in this are for a project should log an IT Service Desk request giving details of the project and users who need access. This is normally only allocated to members of staff for use by their research groups.