How do I register for the research cluster?

Staff and Research students should contact support.

Final year and MSc project students should apply through their project supervisor.

A user has submitted hundreds of jobs before me. How long will I have to wait before my job runs?

The scheduler always dispatches jobs in a way which ensures that the cluster resources are shared equally between users (it's your current cluster usage which counts and not your apparent position in the queue). You will probably find that your job is the next job dispatched for execution.

Why is my job stuck?

Jobs can enter an "error" state for many different reasons e.g. the node crashes or the job is attempting the write to a file location that doesn't exist (common error when redirecting STDOUT/STDERR).

The command qstat can be used to obtain feedback on why a job with Job-ID is in an error state:

qstat -j <Job-ID>

How do I delete a job?

The command:

qdel <Job-ID>

will delete a job with Job-ID (use -f flag to force deletion).