Print Quotas

A printer monitoring and quota system, employing a soft quota and a hard limit, is associated with the School's printers. This limits the number of pages a user may print during each term. All usage counts are reset to zero at the start of each term.

If a user exceeds their soft quota they will receive an Email warning each time they attempt to print. Should they exceed their hard limit they will receive an Email message notifying them that their print job has been cancelled.

lpquota command is currently unavailable - will update this when it has been re-implemented

Users can check their current usage and quota via the UNIX command lpquota.

For example, the output of lpquota for user ug12abc:

lpquota for ug12abc:
        Total pages printed: 567
        Pages printed: 167
        Quota: 500
        Limit: 600
Pages Printed

The user's print usage for this term is 167 pages. This is the value that counts against the quota and is reset each term.

Total Pages printed

A rolling total of 567 pages (carried over from each term).


A soft limit of 500 pages (the user will receive warnings once pages printed exceeds this amount).


A hard limit of 600 pages (printing will be blocked if pages printed ever exceeds this amount).

The default quota and limit values are deemed to be adequate for normal academic use. Should a user require additional printer resources they can apply for a quota increase via the usual support mechanisms.