Sharp MX-3114N Printer/Copier

Unix Printing

The Sharp MX-3114N has a number of features which are usually accessible from the front panel when operating in photocopier mode. The use of these features is desirable when operating the copier in printer mode and can be selected using the xlp print command.

We recommend that users use the xlp command to submit jobs to the copier as it is far easier to select the print options using a graphical interface. However, if users wish to use the lp command, the lp options specific to this photocopier are listed below:

Note: general lp options are described in the CUPS User Documentation.

lp option Description
ARStaple=Staple5 Staples print job with one staple
ARStaple=Staple6 Staples print job with two staples (like a book)
Prints a watermark on each page
Set font size of watermark (default=pt48)
Set text angle for watermark

Windows Configuration

The table below lists the Windows driver options that need to be set to print to the copier.

Driver Option Value
Input Tray Options 4 Trays
Output Tray Options Finisher

Windows Print Properties

Paper Type

The paper type should be set to A4 Plain.

Using the Stapler

Under the Main Features tab of the printer properties dialog box, set the Binding Edge and Staple options.