HP 4200DTNSL Series Colour Laser Printer

escher and haring are HP 4200DTNSL black and white laser printers configured to print onto A4 plain paper. The printers have an output bin attached for stapling/stacking

To print duplex, you can specify the duplex options from xlp or pass command line arguments to lp:

Duplex Short Edge Binding
lp -d escher -o Duplex=DumplexTumble file.ps

Duplex Long Edge Binding
lp -d escher -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble file.ps

To enable Stapling using the following command line arguments:
lp -d escher -o OutputBin=UStapler file.ps

For Stacker sorted (and long edge duplexed) output, use the following command line arguments:
lp -d escher -o "OutputBin=Stacker Duplex=DuplexNoTumble" file.ps

From Windows you should be able to select the media type and duplex options from the printer dialog. The staple option can be set from the "Finishing" tab of the printer dialog.

Windows Configuration

The table below lists the Windows driver options that need to be set.

Driver Option Value
Duplex UnitInstalled
Memory 160MB
Tray 3 Installed
Output bin Stapler/Stacker Installed