Printers Available In the School

The locations of all the printers available in the School are listed in the tables below.

Instructions on how to use specific printers can be found by following the links on the printer model.

Generally Accessible Postscript printers

NameType Location
picasso HP LaserJet 4015x (duplex) UG04
cezanne HP LaserJet 4015x (duplex) UG04
rothko HP LaserJet 4015x (duplex) LG04
rubens HP Color LaserJet 4600dn (colour duplex) Library

Printers Available Only to Staff & Research Students

Name Aliases Type Location
bacon   Sharp MX-M350N printer/copier UG21B
rubens   HP LaserJet 4200dtn (duplex) UG21B
dali   HP LaserJet P4015x 105
goya   HP LaserJet 8150dn (duplex) 105
degas   Sharp MX/M453N printer/copier 205
munch   Sharp MX-3114N (colour) 243
renoir   HP LaserJet 5550dn (colour) 243
monet   HP LaserJet 4200dtn (duplex) Chemistry West

Printers Available Only to CERCIA Staff

Name Aliases Type Location
escher   HP LaserJet 4200dtnsl (duplex, staple) 224
haring   HP LaserJet 4200dtnsl (duplex, staple) 244
spencer   HP LaserJet 4600dtn (colour) 244