Printing from laptops/self-maintained Windows PCs

You may need to authenticate against \\ -or- \\ with your School of Computer Science credentials before trying to add a printer. You will also need to have administrative rights on your client machine in order for the driver to install properly.

If using Windows 7, then you should use the following print server:
This server has drivers available for Windows 7. Whilst you can use socs-srv with Windows 7 machines, the drivers have been known to cause problems when printing.

You may also see an error 0x0000052e when using Windows 7. In order to work round this the following should work

Before you add the network printer, open a Command Prompt window, and type the following at the command prompt and enter the appropriate credentials in the authentication window:

This information based on a Microsoft Technet article. (thanks to Christoph Lange for pointing this out)

To add a printer in earlier versions of Windows select
Control Panel -> Printers -> Add Printer
Add a network printer. If the browse fails to show any printers then click on the "Printer that I want isn't listed" option and enter the printer name - e.g.

At the username/password prompt enter
followed by your socs-ad password.

If you have administrator rights you should then be able to install the print driver.

You may also find that since the re-introduction of print quotas, the username on your local machine will need to match your School username - or let us know and we may be able to set up an alias.

Printing from the wireless network

In order to print via the wireless network you should first connect to the School's VPN service. The printing instructions on this page should then work.