Printing from a self-maintained Linux machine

Thanks to Christoph Lange for providing the information on which this page is based.

Most linux ditributions make use of the CUPS print system. Different versions of CUPS will discover the available printers on the network in different ways. (There are many similarities with the information given about printing from Macs - so you may find the following guide useful.

If using CUPS version 1.5 or older you should be able to use the "BrowsePoll" setting recommended "for older version of Mac OS" as described in the Mac guide.

If using CUPS version 1.6 or above you will have to use a technique similar to the one described for 'Mountain Lion' in the Mac guide. You also need to add the Windows domain - i.e. smb://socs-ad/

Christoph reports that if you use the local web interface of CUPS at http://localhost:631 you will need to encode the URL there as smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@socs-ad/ The same holds when using the system settings of KDe 4.10, which features a completely new print manager.

You should find that since the re-introduction of print quotas, the username that you provide to CUPS will need to match your School username - or let us know and we may be able to set up an alias.


Bram Geron has written up his experience getting the School printers working with his Ubuntu laptop. You can access his guide here. (Thanks Bram)