Running Remote X-Applications

Mac OS X can be used to run remote X-Windows Applications on the Schools compute servers. However, the Mac X11 packge must be installed before any X-windows applications can be run. The package can be installed during a custom installation from the Panther CD set or by downloading the package from Apple's X11 web site.

To run X-applications once X11 has been installed:

  1. Start X11 and open a x-term window by clicking on X11 in Utilities
  2. Connect to one of the School's compute servers using SSH

    In the x-term run SSH with the -X flag
    e.g. ssh -X -l username hostname

    where username is your UNIX username and hostname is the name of the compute server.

  3. Enter your password/passphrase when prompted
  4. Start your x-application

Note: Since X traffic is encrypted through SSH, graphical applications will run more slowly compared to when they are run locally.

Note: To emulate a 3-button mouse on a Mac use:

  • Mouse button for the left button
  • alt+mouse button for the middle button
  • command (apple)+mouse button for the right button

Note: To enable a scrollbar on the x-term:

  • Hold down the ctrl and alt keys and click on the x-term
  • Check the Enable scrollbar option from the popup menu
  • Hold down the alt key and click on the scrollbar to scroll the x-term