Configuring Thunderbird to collect Central IS Email

The following guide is intended to help you configure Thunderbird to access your Information Services email.

1. From the "Tools" menu, select the "Account Settings..." option:
Tools -> Account Settins...

2. You should already have your Computer Science email account added - if not, please read the web page telling you how to do this.

Overview of accounts

3. Select "Add Account..." and chose "Email account"
Selecting the type of account you wish to add

4. Enter your name and Information Services email address. Your IS email address is your Information Services username (used to log in to my.Bham) followed by
Enter your name and email address when prompted

5. Select the incoming mail server as being "IMAP" and enter the incoming server details (
Setting the server details

REMEMBER: If you are connecting from home, you must use your ISPs SMTP server - attempting to use the school's SMTP server will not work.

6. Your username is the same as your my.Bham username
Setting the username

7. Enter a name which is used to identify this account - usually your email address.
Enter an account name

8. The wizard will show a summary of the details. There are still a few more steps to take before you can use your mail account properly!
Summary of the Account settings

9. A list of all your accounts is shown, find the one you just created, select "Server Settings" and select the "Advanced" button.

Account Settings overview

10. Click on the Inbox to view your email, if prompted for your password, enter your Information Services (my.Bham) password
Password prompt - use your my.Bham password