Configuring your email client

To assist with configuring your email client, guides have been provided for some of the more commonly used email clients:

If your email client is not covered by one of these guides, the settings in brief are as follows:

  • Mail collection server:
  • Mail collection server type: IMAP (using SSL)
  • Authentication method: Normal Password
  • Username & Password: Your CS username & password

SMTP Server Settings

You will only be able to use the School's SMTP server for sending email from machines located within the School. If you are accessing email from your home, then you should specify your ISP's SMTP server as the outgoing server.

  • Outgoing (SMTP) server (from within the school):
  • Outgoing (SMTP) server (from home): Your ISP's SMTP server

Secure SMTP

You may need to contact the IT Services Desk for more detail but the key information is as follows:

  • SMTP Server is
  • SMTP Server uses port 465 with SSL and requires Authentication
You will need to know your central University username and password (which may be different from your CS password) to use IT Services' auth-smtp secure SMTP server.

A webMail service is also available.

SSL Support

The email collection server only supports SSL encrypted connections. The certificate for the server is signed by the School of Computer Science, to stop warning messages and make SSL function correctly, you may need to import the School's signing key into your client.

POP Support

POP is no longer supported on the School's email system. IMAP is the supported protocol that you must use to collect your email. (e.g. via Webmail).