Forwarding Computer Science Email

This document provides information on how to forward your Computer Science Email to other external Email accounts.

Important note: The Computer Science email system no longer uses .forward files to control forwarding - forwarding is now managed via a web-based system

Setting up forwarding

Please note

mailadmin is now located behind the School's firewall - so in order to use it you will need to be on the School's wired network or connected via ssh/vpn if offsite. This is a temporary workaround until the School's email system is refreshed.

To forward the Email sent to your account, you must visit the email forwading administration page. To access this page, you will be prompted to enter a username and password - this is the same username and password that would be used to login to Windows machines.

Once you have logged in to the web page, you will be shown the current status of your email forwarding. If you want to add an address for your email to be forwarded to, simply enter the full email address and select the Add button. The address will be checked to ensure that it appears to be valid before being accepted.

The following steps are taken to validate the address:

  • The address must be syntactically correct to RFC822 (basically of the form
  • The domain name must exist
  • The domain must have a valid MX record - i.e. a server which can accept email for the domain

Sending a copy of email to your School account

By default, when you set up forwarding, the option to send a copy of your email to your School of Computer Science email account is set. It is strongly recommended that you do not change this option otherwise you may lose important email if there is a problem with your external email account.

When changing this option from the email forwarding administration page, ensure that you select the "Save Change" button.

Modifying an address

Once an address has been added to your forwarding settings, you can modify the it by logging in to the email forwarding administration page. Select the address you wish to modify and select the "Modify" button.

Removing an address

If you want to stop forwarding email to an address, log in to the email forwarding administration page, select the address you want to remove and select the "Remove" button.

Note that if you remove all addresses that your mail is being forwarded to, mail will automatically be delivered to your School of Computer Science email account even if the option to send a copy to this address is not set.

Important notes:

You should ensure that you do not configure your email account to another account which is in turn configured to forward email back to your School of Computer Science email account - this could cause a mail loop to occur where email is continuously bounced between several email servers.

You should be aware that if problems are detected with the configuration of your email forwarding settings, then forwarding settings may be modified or disabled by the .