Configuring Outlook Express

The following guide is intended to help you configure Outlook Express to access your email from the School of Computer Science.

From the "Tools" menu, select the "Accounts..." option:
Tools -> Accounts...

Select the "Mail" tab, select "Add" and choose "Mail..."
Mail tab, Add -> Mail...

Enter your name - this is the name that will go in the "From:" field in messages
Enter your name when prompted by the Internet Connection Wizard

Enter your email address. For MSc and Undergraduate students, this is your, staff and research students should enter their mailname (Contact Support if you don't know what this is).
Enter your email address when prompted

Select the incoming mail server as being "IMAP" and enter the incoming server details ( and the SMTP server (within the School, this is, home users MUST use their ISP's SMTP server

The University also has an authenticated SMTP server which may also be used. The address of this server is, the server uses port 465 with SSL and requires authentication. You may need to enable these options from the Properties Window.

Setting the server details

REMEMBER: If you are connecting from home, you must use your ISPs SMTP server - attempting to use the school's SMTP server will not work.

Use your Windows username and password - if you change your password under Windows, you'll need to change it in your email client as well
Setting the username and password

Even though the setup wizard is complete, there are still a few steps you need to take
The end of the setup wizard

An account called "" will now be listed
Mail accounts

Select "Properties" for the account and select the "IMAP" tab. You should set the "Root folder path" to be "INBOX." - don't forget the trailing full-stop on INBOX, if you don't do this, you won't be able to access IMAP folders.
Set the Root folder to INBOX from the IMAP tab to access IMAP folders

Select the "Advanced" tab and check the box "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)".

You will be prompted to download folders from the mail server when you close the properties window and the window which lists your email accounts. You should say "Yes" to downloading folders
Message box prompting user to download folders

After a short while, you will see a list of folders that are located on the email server, you can choose which ones to subscribe to (i.e. which ones are actually shown in your email client)
A sample list of folders which may exist

Setting up access to your email account is now complete and you should be able to send and receive email from your School of Computer Science account - remember if you are outside of the school, you will only be able to send email if you have set the SMTP (outgoing) mail server to that of your ISP.

Changing your Password

You email and Windows passwords are the same, to change your email password, you must log in to a Windows machine in the School and change the password for the Windows system.