RePast How Tos

Repast comes with the following how to documentation. How to Run a Simulation and How to Use the Gui will help to get you started working with the Repast demos. If you are interested in writing models with Repast start with How to Build a Model - 1

How Run a Simulation Describes how to start a RePast simulation from the RePast toolbar and the command line.
How to use the GUI Describes how to use the graphical interface to start, stop, pause, and probe a model.
How to Build a Model - 1 Details how to build a model using the SimpleModel class..
How to Build a Model - 2 Details how to build a model using the standard Repast template methods, what's necessary for probing and some detail into the inner workings of Repast.
How to Use a Schedule An overview of the schedule object and its use.
Overview of Spaces An overview of spaces and their use.
How to Create Displays Details the necessary steps to display a Repast model on the screen. Also describes how to make movies and take snapshots of these displays.
How to Collect Data Describes how to use the data collection classes for collecting data and writing that data to a file.
How to work with Random Numbers Describes how to use the Random class for random number generation as well as how to create your own random number streams.
How to use Parameters and Parameter Files Describes how to work with parameters and use parameters files and in both gui and batch models.
Network Models Describes how to build a network model and how to import and export data from such a model.
How to Create PropertyDescriptors Describes how to create Boolean and ListPropertyDescriptors to change a model's parameters via check and combo boxes.
How to Create Custom Actions Describes how to create custom actions to alter the model's state at runtime using sliders, buttons, and checkboxes.
How to Create Charts Describes how to create sequence and histogram charts.
How to Use Vector GIS A brief overview of vector gis support in RePast.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answer in any of the how tos, look here.