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Not so new users

If you use the old LATEX and want to change to the new setup you will need to remove `setup Latex' from your .login and put `setup Tetex' in its place.

If you have set any LATEX environment variables to include the UMS directory structure, the UMS references need to be removed. All the LATEX utilities that are available in UMS are included in the teTEX setup. The UMS LATEX setup will be withdrawn soon. If you have your own style files you must define the TEXINPUTS environment variable e.g. setenv TEXINPUTS $HOME/tex/inputs/:.:
Note: The double colon at the end enables LATEX to search the necessary system directories and hence must be included for correct functionality.

Having changed to the teTEX setup, if you get errors involving UMS directories when running xdvi or dvips you will find that you have a file called .dvipsrc in your home directory, this needs to be deleted.

Amarjit Sathi