Windows Self Administration

(Staff and Research Students Only)


Following advice from our auditors, we no longer provide administrative accounts to users simply for the purposes of software installation. If you need software that is not included in the standard Windows installation that we provide, please contact support with details of the software that you require. Subject to license requirements etc. we can then install the software for you.

If you can demonstrate that an administrative account is needed in order to actually enable you to carry out your research then you should come and speak to the support team.

Conditions of Use

Users who wish to apply for an administrator account must agree to the following conditions of use.

  • As for all administration accounts, users should only login as the administrator to perform tasks that can only be accomplished with administrator privileges.
  • The administrator account should only be used to install software, not for changing the registry or other configuration settings.
  • Users must get approval from the support team for all the software that is installed. (This is because many software installation procedures are known to change the registry in unsafe ways and break the system). Eventually, we will make available a collection of approved packages that you can install on a standard basis.
  • The software installed should be either public domain software or you should have a licence for it. Since installing software without a licence is illegal and the University becomes liable for it, any such installation will be reported to the University for disciplinary action. All licences must be purchased through the University.
  • If users need to change any configuration settings, these changes need to be checked with the support team first to verify that it is ok to change them. Misconfiguring the system will result in the suspension of your administrator account.
  • Users should subscribe to the pc-users mailing list andkeep track of all the announcements on it.

How to Apply

Users who wish to apply for an administrator account should make a support request via the IT Service Desk: