Video Conferencing

School of Computer Science

Within the School, Cercia has some video-conferencing equipment that staff and postgraduate research students may (by arrangement) be able to use.

Cercia have a Tandberg 810 (classic) IP only video conferencing unit in room 245 which should be able to talk to other H.323 compatible video conferencing units.

The firmware on the unit is only capable of supporting DES encyrption - and not AES encryption, some issues have also been experienced connecting to some gatekeeper servers that require PIN numbers for meeting rooms.

Note that it can only talk to other IP based video conferencing equipment. In the past it has successfully conferenced with both Tandberg and Polycom equipment. We recommend that you test the connection before booking a proper conference.

Contact Cercia to check that it is ok to use the equipment.

Due to potential compatibility issues, you must arrange a test connection to ensure the systems work correctly.

University Campus

Please note that many other Centres within the University are adopting video conferencing technology - so the sites listed below may not be exhaustive.


The Centre for Learning Innovation & Collaboration (formally Cetadl) is the "main video conference centre for the University of Birmingham". They have a further information on their services.

Access Grid Node

The HP Vista Centre has invested in an Access Grid node - more information is available at


LRAT offer a portable Tandberg 3000MXP that can be used at any campus location that provides a campus network point.