Resources For Taught Students

Teaching Labs

There are four teaching labs within the School that provide the computing facilities for taught students. We have a mixture of WhiteBox Linux and Windows XP machines. The table below describes the facilities available in each lab and whether the lab is for general use.

Lab Name Room Number Computers General Use?
First Year Lab UG04 PCs running Linux Yes
PC Lab LG04 PCs running Windows Yes
Final Year Lab LG34 PCs running Linux
PCs running Windows
No - Final Year and MSc students only
Robotics Lab LG40 PCs running Linux No - Students working on robotics projects only

Printing Facilities

Each teaching lab contains two black and white A4 laser printers. The locations of the printers are listed below:

Lab Name Room Number Printers
First Year Lab UG04 picasso
PC Lab LG04 hockney
Final Year Lab LG34 matisse

Access to Labs

Students may use the labs at any time except when they are booked for practical classes, these times are shown on the doors to the lab. During these times the people timetabled to use each lab have priority and may ask others to give up their computer.

Out of hours access

The labs are always locked and you are required to swipe your ID card through the reader to unlock the door. Outside office hours you will also need to do this to gain entry to the building.

Rules and Regulations

The basic rules in the labs are dictated by common sense, but more specifically the following apply.

  • No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the labs. As the School policy states, if you are found with food or drink in the lab, your account can be barred.
  • Loud conversations or mobile phone calls should not be conducted in the labs.

Specialised software

Occasionally, a PC may have a specialised piece of software installed for use by specific groups or individuals. These machines are generally given additional labelling to indicate their special status. Users are requested to give up these computers to the special user/groups if requested.

Student Resource PC

A resource PC is available in the library that provides the following facilities:

  • Colour Printer
  • CD Writer
  • A4 Flatbed Scanner

Further information about the resource PC can be found here.