Student Resource PC

There is a resource PC is located in the School Library for use by students, which provides the following facilities:

  • A4 Flatbed Scanning
  • Colour Printing

These facilities should ONLY be used for work related to your course. Improper use of this machine will result in disciplinary action.

How To Scan Documents

There are a number of graphics programs available under the "Graphics" Start Men u folder. Essentially for each of the programs you need to select the "Import - > TWAIN -> Acquire option (usually under the File menu.

The scanner should now initialise - this may take a while.

Once previewed and scanned, the image can now be manipulated and saved by the graphics program.

Colour printing

The colour printer should only be used to print colour pages. Black and white pages should be printed on the lab printers. Toner used in the colour printer is more expensive than that used in the labs.