Computing Resources

Compute Servers

Server Name tinky-winky wallace feathers * gromit
Access Staff and All Students Staff and Research Students Staff and Research Students Staff and Research Students
CPUs Dual Intel Xeon 2.4GHz Processors Dual Intel Xeon 2.4GHz Processors Dual Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz Processors Dual AMD Opteron 175 Processors
Memory 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Operating System Centos 5 Scientific Linux 6.5 Scientific Linux 6.5 Centos 5

* - Note that feathers can only be accessed via public key authentication. See the supportweb page for Windows ssh-key generation


  Research Cluster
Access Registered users only
Available Nodes 44 (22 x dual CPU nodes)
Node Specifications 2 x 1.6GHz Athlon MP 1900+ Processors
Types of Job Supported Batch, Interactive and Parallel
Parallel Environments Supported Parallel make, MPICH and LAM/MPI
Job Restrictions No restrictions

Research Robotics

See for more information.

  • K-Team Khepera I
  • Activmedia Pioneer I
  • iRobot B21r

Desktop PCs (Typical Specification)

  • Intel Core i3/i5 processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Disk
  • Dual boot Windows 7 and Linux
  • Microsoft Office

Shared Resources

  • Colour and BW laser printers (duplex and high volume printer available)
  • Networked photocopiers
  • Resource PCs with CD Writer and A4 scanner
  • CD Duplicator
  • Form Scanner

Commercial Software

  • Allegro Common Lisp
  • FDR
  • Matlab
  • Maple
  • Microsoft development tools (available through MSDN AA)
  • Sicstus Prolog
  • SPSS


  • Ethernet network wired throughout the building
  • Multiple network points in all offices and meeting rooms for connection of desktop machines and laptops
  • High-speed link to the campus and the Internet (via SuperJANET)
  • Wireless networking throughout whole building


  • Central file server (1GB limit for staff/research students)
  • E-mail - IMAP (quota-ed inbox)
  • Web servers (School, student and staff applications)
  • PostgreSQL database servers (for teaching and research/application development)
  • Subversion (Version Control) server