Associate Account Application

Print and complete the Associate application form to apply for access to IT services. An Associate account is normally only available to those who are continuing to carry out work with a member of staff within the University. Discuss your application with your contact in the School so that they can liase with one of the authorised requesters in the School.

The application form should be returned to the authorised requester for processing.

What happens to my account when I leave/graduate/retire?

Staff accounts will normally have their expiry date set dependant on their initial contract length - if your contract has been extended, then it is important that you contact us to let us know.

Student accounts are generally set to expire one month after graduation.

All users will be reminded regularly by email that their account expiry is approaching.

Expiry dates for members of staff who leave/retire will be set shortly after the leaving date.

Once an account has expired, the user's data may be kept on the system for a period of time before being moved to an archive tape for storage. It is their responsibility to ensure that any personal data has been removed from their account and that they have taken copies of any data they may need in the future. A charge may be levied to cover the cost of retrieving any data.