Computer Support in the School of Computer Science


The computing facilities in the School of Computer Science are maintained by a dedicated team of Computer Officers and Technical Support Staff - the Support Team. The Support Team's main areas of responsibility include:

Maintaining the School's servers, workstations, printers and network infrastructure
Maintaining the software tools and services used for both research and teaching
User Support
Providing help and advice for users

Unfortunately, the Support Team is unable to offer assistance with problems that arise from the use of software and hardware outside of the School. This includes:

  • The computing facilities provided by other departments or sites on campus (including student halls of residence)
  • Personal laptops and workstations
  • Software purchased and installed for home use

Users requiring support with the University's computing facilities should contact IT ServiceDesk.

Although the Support Team can not provide support for personal computers, the School hosts a number of self-help newsgroups and mailing lists on the subject of home computing. Please see our How To... guide on Home Computing for more information.